• Lagoon (On the way to Phra Nang Beach, a path off to the left of the main track leads steeply up to a landlocked lagoon). Another sight worth visiting. Takes some scrambling to get there, but surrounded by beautiful cliffs and perfect for a dip. Only worth visiting when the tide is high. The pool is sea water and empties out at low tide.
  • Lookout Cave (At the far end of Phra Nang Beach (near Escher Wall), next to Freedom Bar, there is a bamboo ladder that climbs to a lookout point of the bay). Beautiful viewpoint of Ton Sai and Rai Leh west. It is an easy climb up 4 bamboo ladders, but take a torch as it's pitch black in the cave. Breathtaking views that are definitely worth the climb.
  • Phra Nang Shrine (On Phra Nang Beach, which is either a 30 min walk or a 20 min kayak float). Ton Sai is more of an "Do" place than a "See" place. But this is worth visiting. Thai women come here in the hope of increasing their fertility, and the shrine is studded with wooden phalluses. Quite a sight!