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    Ko Lipe

Lower Andaman Coast

The area around the lower Andaman-Coast is home to in-numerous mostly small and little known island paradises like Ko Ngai, Ko Kradan or Ko Muk. As one of the highlights not only in the area but entire Thailand has to be mentioned Ko Lipe. This small island builds the gate to the surrounding Tarutao Marine National Park, an amazing archipelago of 51islands . Though it takes a little effort to get there, it is definitely worth a visit. The Islands in the lower Andaman sea are generally getting less tourists than the further up north located ones around Phuket & Krabi. Since the tigerline-ferries constantly run from Phulet all the way down to Ko Lipe and back, the islands are yet nicely connected and you can easily hop from island to island (all the way south) without having to put your feed back on the mainland. For trips and transfer to the smaller nearby located islands just catch one of the many resort-operated longtail-boats.

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to Lower Andaman Coast

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