• 1 Bang Thao. long, very quiet beach [Bang Thao bay (Q14205196) on Wikidata]
  • 2 Kamala. a quieter beach to the north of Patong [Kamala (Q14220126) on Wikidata]
  • 3 Kata. busy, clean tourist beach with good surf, also includes Kata Noi, its quieter sister [Hat Kata (Q14220372) on Wikidata] [Hat Kata on Wikipedia]
  • 4 Nai Thon and Nai Yang. two quiet beaches in Sirinat National Park [Nai Thon and Nai Yang (Q14226243) on Wikidata]
  • 5 Nai Han. somewhat quieter beach (probably the best) in the south, near Laem Phromthep view point [Nai Han (Q14226240) on Wikidata]
  • 6 Ya Nui. good snorkelling on a shallow reef that juts out from the beach [Ya Nui (Q14928184) on Wikidata]