When you get a break from diving, there are a few bars on the island. The bars on the island rotate nights, so the best bet is to ask someone working at dive shop which bar will be crowded that night or check the posters. Many start off the evening at the bars located at the northern end of Sairee, and after they close at 01:00, go onto whichever club is open for the rest of the evening at the south end of Sairee.

  • The Castle. Weekly parties at this out-of-the-way club. Can prove to be a good night out with refreshing tunes and a mixed crowd.
  • Dirty Nelly's (Mae Haad). First and only Irish pub on Ko Tao with Irish management, live music, extensive food options, and live sport.
  • DJL Bar, Pool & Restaurant (Sairee Village, at Davey Jones Locker). Bar with swimming pool. Friday night pool parties, with free BBQ & shots.
  • Fizz Beach Lounge (On Sairee Beach). 16:00-01:00. Comfy beanbags, awesome sunsets, fantastic cocktail, authentic Thai or Western food and deep, funky house beats.30-300 baht.
  • In Touch (Sairee Beach at the far south end). Late night club that is open only a couple of times a week. House music.
  • Khirana (Chalok Ban Kao). Swimming pool bar on the beach.
  • Lotus Bar (North Sairee, at the horizontal palm tree). Nightly fire show, sunset happy hour.
  • Maya Bar (South end, Sairee Beach). Very similar to AC Bar. When one is open the other is closed. Same music, same crowd, right next door.
  • [formerly dead link]MOOV (Up from Whitening on Songserm Pier Rd), . 16:00-late. Club/restaurant in a garden overlooking the beach. Check for daytime events and monthly parties.
  • Pub Crawl, +66 80 6905337. Enjoy drink promotions, prizes and join the crowd on a tour of the best bars in Ko Tao.
  • Vibe (North Sairee Beach). Atmospheric beach bar with happy, funky vibes, fire shows & cocktails.