The James Bond Island with the trinket vendors

Tour operators organize many different tours and most of them follow the standard route around the bay passing weird rock formations, limestone outcrops, hidden lakes, tiny beaches and caves. Tours usually go to Khao Ping Gan (Leaning Rock) which was featured in the James Bond movie The Man With the Golden Gun as Scaramanga's hideaway. Ko Tapu in front of James Bond Island is a popular rock. It is often used as a symbol of Phang Nga. On the James Bond Island, the beach is littered with trinket vendors trying to sell you something and the experience of seeing the island may be somewhat disappointing and diluted.

A Phang Nga Bay tour may take you to Ko Panyi, a village built on stilts. The mosque and the graveyard are the only places which are built on ground. It's a tourist trap during the day as many tours also stop here. Some tours will give you the option of staying overnight, which is preferable to really experience the village as the village returns to normal in the evening. If you go inland you can see more of the village and eat at local stalls. In Ko Panyi there are now many people living and working from outside, thus less authentic. Many of these people come from the poorer Isaan region. If you want to see a real fishing village go to Ko Ma Paay. Just as in other parts of southern Thailand, the inhabitants of Ko Panyi are of Malay descent.